SMM in Hamburg

August 30, 2012

Welcome to our stand at SMM

SMM is the leading international forum of the maritime industry. Every two years, the representatives of the shipbuilding and marine equipment industries from all parts of the world meet in Hamburg, present innovations and forward looking technologies, and set the course for future success of the industry. 

Is your company well prepared for the future?

Being well prepared for the future is the challenge the maritime business needs to meet today. The on board IT-environment, its components and its reliability is a very critical part on many levels for that preparation. 

Complete worry free IT environment that even lower your costs.

MNC Marine offers custom designed on board computer systems with the highest level of security, operational reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency. You get a unique model of carefully selected and tested hardware combined with state of the art developed software, maintenance, monitoring, reporting routines and maximum security. The solutions MNC Marine offer you are also a way to significantly reduce your IT overhead costs as well as your IT costs for each individual vessel.  NMC Marine can compete with anyone (even your own IT-department) when it comes to offering industry representatives a wealth of efficient ideas and innovative IT-solutions, with the convenience of having it all from one supplier taking full responsibility for your Maritime IT needing.

Welcome to visit us and you are four simple steps away from one of your company’s best IT deals ever.

1. After the initial agreement of an analysis of your needs, we will do our homework and offer you a detailed solution.

2. Together we process the offer at hand for a final agreement.

3. MNC Marine Technicians boards the ship and installs all components and initiates maintenance routines of all servers, workstations etc.

4. Your Maritime IT-environment is now a worry free tool to support your business and you can focus on your own core business. Welcome


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