Press Release

January 28, 2013

MNC Marine provides a unique mobile container based concept, containing a complete IT-solution with a onboard infrastructure, WiFi-access points, LAN, IP-Phones, servers, firewalls, software, VSAT by SatPoint and our own Communication, Information and Entertainment platform (CIEP) to SweOffshores chartered accommodation vessel Regina Baltica.

MNC Marine has provided SweOffshore, SIEMENS and Statoil a new innovative mobile solution.

A complete IT-environment for short time chartered accommodation vessels. The set up and concept is unique and as far as we know the only one of its kind in the world.
The Mobile Server and Communication Container installation and its IT infrastructure are made to be fast, effective and minimize the effects on our clients operation.
The container is a 2,4 by 3 meter self-contained Server room. Complete with extended UPS, Climate control, Server racks for installing our application servers, media servers, Satellite modems, TV encoders and streamers as well as the active network components.

MNC Marine CIEP with focus on Crew welfare

Crew welfare is a very important part of any accommodation vessel. SweOffshore and Siemens wanted a new integrated Communication, Information and Entertainment system, wireless accessible from the crews own PC’s. MNC developed and delivered a unique solution according to those specifications. The result is MNC Marine’s Communication, Information and Entertainment Platform (CIEP) a new breed of media solutions for distributed media access. It’s totally web based, which means that you have no need for extra boxes and allows a wide range of devices to connect and access information, communication as well as media. in collaboration with strategic partners, high-speed satellite communication, cabling on-board, ship wide wireless network, media stations, computers and printers, Live-TV and Video On Demand (VOD). To make this really user friendly for the crew and passengers all media and information is accessible through the local media portal. The interface can be modified to your company and your vessels graphical profile.
MNC Marine established in 2006, deliver complete IT-solutions as a function; enable maritime businesses offshore and shipping to focus on their core business, while MNC take care of managing the IT-tools supporting the core business. We provide our clients with tailor-made applications as well as market leading office packages and applications for specific usage. We deliver a complete infrastructure with all its components for a Turn Key solution. Our clients need in order to enhance productivity and attractiveness is always in our focus for long term mutual satisfying business relations.
MNC Marine is owned by a group of well-known Scandinavian Venture Capitalists and the government of Åland Islands . MNC Marine contact, Joel Widengren, Sales Manager,, +358 40 183 8699, Patrick Sjöberg CEO +358 457 343 0340