A complete Communication, Information and Entertainment solution for your Vessel

By combining MNC Marine's products; MNC Marines Portal and IPTV can MNC Marine deliver the most modern and complete IT and entertainment system on the market for the offshore. By combining the products Worry Free IT System, Monitoring and Backup can MNC Marine deliver the most reliable passenger and crew computers that can be desired. Please see the products below.

A new breed

MNC Marine delivers, in collaboration with strategic partners VSAT and 3G-4G communication, cabling on board, film server

To make this really user friendly for your Crew and Passengers all media and information is accessible through MNC Marine portal. The interface can be modified to your and your vessels graphical profile.

MNC Marine's Worry free on board Portal

MNC Marine's Worry free IPTV

MNC Marine's Worry Free IT System

MNC Marine's Monitoring